Zazzle Extras (Part 1): 10 Steps to Build a ZSB ZStore Website

This is Part 1 of my “Zazzle Extras” series. In Part 1, I show the steps I took to build a barebones website using the Zazzle Store Builder tool provided by Zazzle.

In the Beginning…

I’m one of those people who likes to read all the forum posts and help files when starting something new online. When I read the Zazzle help files and forums, I learned that having your own storefront website can be a great tool for promotion and additional referral income. I also learned that Zazzle provides a tool called the Zazzle Store Builder (or ZSB for short) for building your own storefront website, so I immediately threw up a very barebones storefront.This first incarnation of my “Dogwood & Thistle” website wasn’t all that great but it did give me a starting point and a web presence. Here now are the steps that I took to get to that starting point.

The 10 Steps to Build A Zazzle Storefront Website

    1. Opened a store on
    2. Bought my hosting space and domain name (
    3. Downloaded the ZSB files
    4. Downloaded the ZSB Guide
    5. Read the ZSB Guide
    6. Unzipped the ZSB files (and read the README.txt file)
    7. Created the ZSB file structure on my host site (including putting the files in their folders as per the Guide)

Original D&T FileStructure

N.B.: My hosting service automatically added the “cgi-bin” folder, and I manually added the “images” folder as a place to save my storefront sign-board file.

    8. Then, as per the the Guide, I made a copy of an example .php file and renamed it index.php. I used the “two_grids_sample.php” file.

D&T Files

    9. Then I went to the “index.php” file and:

    10. Next, I went to the “configuration.php” file in the “include” folder and updated it; I:

    • updated the contributor identifier to my store name (note – I used all lowercase):
        $contributorHandle = “dogwoodandthistle”;
    • updated the associate ID to my Zazzle associate ID:
        $associateId = “238634079541783847”;


And Then I Had A Website!

And then I had a website! A very barebones website, but a start just the same!

Barebones Dogwood & Thistle Website
Barebones Dogwood & Thistle Website


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