Zazzle Extras: My Zazzle Storefront Diary

So, I started a store on Zazzle! I was a total newbie at this Print On Demand (POD) stuff, but it quickly became my new obsession. Trying to follow all of the great advice I was reading in the fabulous Zazzle forums, I immediately threw up a very bare bones storefront using the Zazzle Store Builder (ZSB) with great imaginings of what I would do with it. After two months, however, my Dogwood & Thistle storefront still sat there as bare-bonesy as ever.

I had all kinds of ideas floating in my head about learning css and/or playing with the hosting company’s templates but in the end, I decided to convert to WordPress as the easiest option for snazzing up my site.

This series of “Zazzle Extras” posts outlines my progress as I setup a barebones storefront website, converted it to WordPress and brought in the Zazzle feed. I’ve also got an appendix post with snapshots of my website’s progress.

Below is an index of the posts in my “Zazzle Extras” series to help you find the information you’re looking for more quickly.

Feel free to ask questions, or better yet, offer advice! and to play along! And of course, “Bookmark” this page and visit again if you want to see the updates on how it’s going!

Hope you find this useful!


My Zazzle Extras Series:

Zazzle Extras (Part 1): 10 Steps to Build a ZSB ZStore Website
Using the Zazzle Store Builder to Make a Barebones External ZStore Website

Zazzle Extras (Part 2): Converting to a WordPress Website
The Steps I Took To Convert My Website to a WordPress Website

Zazzle Extras (Part 3): Bringing the Zazzle Feed into a WordPress Website
Show Me the Merchandise! Four Methods for Bringing the Zazzle Feed into a WordPress Website.

Zazzle Extras (Appendix): My Dogwood & Thistle Storefront Evolution
A Snapshot History of the Evolution of the Dogwood & Thistle Storefront Website


Questions? Suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

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